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Seagate firmware update bricks 500GB HDDs.
HardwareJust days since Seagate released a firmware update for a range of hard drives, which were hit by firmware bugs, Tom's Hardware reports that things don't look much brighter for hard drive giant Seagate. This time the problem is with the SD1A firmware update, for the 500GB hard drives in the 7200.11 series, which many unhappy customers have said completely bricks the hard drive.

The problem lies in the firmware update, which causes the drive to freeze up. As far as un-bricking the devices goes, there has been little success. Some have claimed that downgrading the firmware has fixed the problems, for the moment. Others have had no luck as of yet, and are awaiting a response from Seagate, who have taken the faulty firmware offline.
Free Hotmail POP3 access now available and Hotmail updates.
JournalIt has been confirmed that Microsoft has started rolling out another major update of Windows Live Hotmail, which includes POP access as discussed in this interview with Ryan Gavin and Dharmesh Mehta.
Seagate Barracuda hard drives plagued by failures.
HardwareNumerous complaints are being reported from customers who own the 1.5TB Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 hard drive at the Seagate's online support forum.

The hard drive seems to just freeze during data transfers. Kabatek, Brown and Kellner LLP, a consumer law firm, is considering a lawsuit against Seagate because of the high failure rates of the Barracuda 7100.11.

Seagate, the world's largest Hard drive maker released the 3.5-inch internal drive, Barracuda 7200.11 in July 2008. The hard drive offers 1.5TB of capacity on four platters and uses a SATA 3GB/sec interface, delivering a sustained data rate of up to 120MB/sec. The drive is also available in 1TB, 750GB, 640GB, 500GB, 320GB and 160GB capacities, with 32MB and 16MB Cache buffer size.
SmoothWall Express Edition 3.0 Service Pack 1 Released!

SmoothWall has released on January 7th, 2009 the First Service Pack for their SmoothWall Express Edition 3.0 "Polar" line of firewalls.

Named SP1, it's available for both i386 and 64-bit platforms. This release includes the enhancements and bug fixes from updates 1 to 4.

IPCop v1.4.21 Update Only Released!
IPCopIPCop has released today the newest v1.4.21 Updates for their IPCop v1.4 branch product.

IPCop is also available as a single Install CD for both Intel(x86) and Alpha platforms.
IPCop v1.4.19/1.4.20 Released!
IPCopIPCop has released today the newest v1.4.19/1.4.20 Updates for their IPCop v1.4 branch product.

IPCop is also available as a single Install CD for both Intel(x86) and Alpha platforms.
Still not using Gmail?
NetworkThese crazy Russians will show you why you should be using it!
Debian OpenSSL flaw affects many systems.

Well-known security researcher H. D. Moore, creator of the MetaSploit Project, has posted his findings on the recently discovered Debian-packaged OpenSSL bug. Moore documents the cause of the bug and explains how easily attackers can create every possible key the flawed OpenSSL implementation can generate.

According to Moore, "All SSL and SSH keys generated on Debian-based systems (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, etc) between September 2006 and May 13th, 2008 may be affected." He also provides information and links to tools which can be used to regenerate those keys.

Moore explains that the impact of this flaw is huge, and goes beyond the Debian/Ubuntu user communities:


pfSense v1.2 Released.
SoftwareThe pfSense development team is proud to bring you the 1.2 release! This brings the features and bug fixes from more than 16 months of development since the 1.0 release. Already widely tested and deployed throughout the Release Candidate phase, this release provides the finishing touches on releases already proven in a wide range of network environments. The Release Candidate versions have been downloaded more than 250,000 times.
Intel confirms product name changes
HardwareOver a year ago, we heard about Intel's plans to drop the Pentium name from its products, retiring what was one of the biggest marketing slogans of computing history. Now, nearly two years after that name drop, Intel has confirmed plans to shuffle the names of their existing product line as well.
What Every Programmer Should Know About Memory. Part 1
SoftwareUlrich Drepper [the gnu libc project leader] recently approached us [LWN] asking if we would be interested in publishing a lengthy document he had written on how memory and software interact. Memory usage is often the determining factor in how software performs, but good information on how to avoid memory bottlenecks is hard to find. This article is the first in a serie of articles (the original has over 100 pages) that will get published on LWN weekly. Once the entire series is out, Ulrich will be releasing the full text.
Remote Support
Get Remote Support via Free TeamViewer Application.

Get Remote Support via Free TeamViewer Application.

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